First Post

Episode 1

Ok, here’s the deal. This is where I’m posting recordings of our group’s weekly game of Pathfinder. We’re running the Legacy of Fire 3.5 campaign, semi-houseruled into PF. The group is consists of our illustrious DM Will and 5 rag tag adventurers.  Going in a random order, we have Ryan, playing Telara the Sylph Druid, with her faithful bald eagle companion, Hawky (the rest of us actually have no clue what Hawky’s real name is because we prefer to call him Hawky).  Next is the Catfolk Ninja Natalia (aka Mankrik’s wife for some reason) played by Brandon.  The rest of us, shockingly enough, are actually playing our own gender!  Patrick is the dwarf barbarian whose name escapes me at the moment because it’s late and I’m tired (Edit: His name is Palliard. Or Palord. Or something. He hasn’t specified the spelling. It rhymes with Mallard though, so we sometimes devolve into just calling him Ducky).  Michael is the human monk whose name also escapes me. It’s probably in the audio somewhere named Fashim.  Finally, I (Rob) am playing the half-orc alchemist grenadier Ro’Tuk.

Some basic background- this recording was started in the middle of our third session.  We were hired as guards/scouts for a caravan heading to the city of Katapesh.  After killing a small number of pugwampi (hyena/rat things that make everything within 30 feet of them extremely unlucky) we were sent ahead to the monastery of Sarenrae.  Upon arrival, we found numerous pugwampi and other foul creatures, and the entire place was covered in shit and other miscellaneous filth.  We destroyed the vermin and continued exploring, eventually coming upon a set of downward stairs.  As we descended, a slime mold ooze creature attacked us, bringing us up to speed with the file.

Edit: For some reason, the files (though they are mp3 format) don’t seem to work in mediamonkey and itunes.  They work fine in WMP, Quicktime, and Chrome’s player though.  Trying to figure that all out.  Fixed.


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