We Be Goblins! Oneshot

This week we were down two players, so I decided to give Will a break from DMing and ran We Be Goblins for everyone else.  It went pretty well for my first time DMing in Pathfinder.  I’m trying out a Dropbox download as well as Mediafire for this one, and I’ll choose one down the line.


Notes: In the session I said that WBG is the precursor for Curse of the Crimson Throne, but it’s actually Jade Regent.

I also houseruled that they could deliver touch spells through weapons.  I know now that only magi can do this with Spell Strike, but I wasn’t sure at the time and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Also the ability damage being healed through cure light wounds… Yeah I know that doesn’t happen.

Hopefully we’ll be able to have a real session this week.  Going so long without one due to travel, illness, and bad planning makes us all sad.



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